RIFT Egg Decoration Contest: The Winners!

Posted by on 21 May 2012

It’s been some time, hasn’t it? Approximately a month ago, we closed the Egg Decoration Contest and said we’d announce the winners at the end of the week. And then, stuff happened. Which made it increasingly hard to get our team of  Egg Decoration Eggsperts together to give their final vote over all of your magnificent creations. Now, we finally managed it! Our highly sophisticated selection process finally came to an end, and the winners became clear!

Say what – how did you select, exactly?

You’ve already forgotten again? It’s only been a month! Oh… yeah, we get your point. Well then, let’s freshen up your memory.

With the recent rise in dragon activity deep inside Mount Carcera, we planned on diverting your thoughts towards greener, calmer pastures. Happy places. So we decided to let you come up with the most amazing egg designs and send them to us. Following that, a team of international (self-proclaimed) Eggstraordinary Eggsperts would select the top three of each language region (EN/DE/FR), which would then be pitted against each other. Our experts would judge them in terms of creativity, passion/energy, presentation and RIFT look and feel.

And what was in it for the artists?

The grand prize this time is not only virtual. No – this time the winners could select from three signed high quality prints of RIFT concept art! Ok, we still included a big bundle of really nice ingame goodies, but how often do you get something as neat as an art print?

Yeah, great. So? Who won?

A little hasty, aren’t we? Well ok then. It was probably time to announce them anyway.


Third Place – Ozma85, English Forums

In an admirable third place, this frighteningly true-to-life rendition of Akylios just waits to be hatched and make Telara tremble in fear. A lot of detail went into this, which found much recognition within the team of eggsperts. As per the rules, we could only judge on a single pic showing the egg, but you will definitely be interested in the nice little platform that Eggkylios was emerging from – just check the original post!




Second Place – kensie, German Forums

A formidable second place, this hatching, unnamed green dragon is full of tiny details and texture. Look at that face, the tiny claws that will in the not so far future give any Ascended a very hard time and probably a rip or another. We were truly impressed, especially by the filigrane work that went into this, and the overall Look & Feel, as the egg seems to have spawned right out of a Life Rift. Let’s hope that this will be a one-time occurance, though… One Greenscale was certainly enough for our tastes. Check out the 360° shots in its initial post on the German forums! (No deeper knowledge of the language needed to click on the pictures)


First Place – adriannauk, English Forums

And here we have it, our first place. We do not envy the poor being which had to lay this egg, but the result definitely is outstanding. This is how the artist imagines the lovechild of Laethys and Maelforge and we couldn’t agree more, although we are not looking forward to this hellspawn wandering Telara – one more reason to finish their business in Mount Carcera once and for all. The fine structure, the almost liquid-looking gold, the stormy attachments and the small eruption on top. This is as stylish as they come. Make sure to take a look at the other angles in the original post!



Our most sincere congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated – we had as much fun checking your creations out as you hope fully had making them! We will contact the winners in the next days to make sure you get your concept art prints safe and sound, so make sure to check your email and forum inboxes regularly! We were really happy about the variety and amount of international contributions we’ve gotten for this, and hope to see more and more of them in the future, from all over the world!
Again – Congratulations!