World Event Merchant changes in Update 1.9

Posted by on 15 June 2012

Hey guys,

We wanted to let you know that the time has come to spend your old event currency. When Update 1.9 arrives this week, rewards associated with the following currencies will be removed from the world event merchants:

  • Otherworldly Sourcestones
  • Ancient Golden Dragon Egg Shells
  • Rune King’s Seals

This is a necessary change in order to bring everyone the best experience in all future world events. Eventually we will be phasing out rewards for all past events. We will be doing so in stages to give folks who are leveling turtles or raptors a head start before they are no longer available.

Rewards associated with Dragon Tears and Magma Opals will be removed from vendors in Update 1.10.  On the flip side, Unique Snowflakes, Glass Beads, and Carnival Prize Tickets will always remain useful. The description on these currencies will be updated to reflect that they are an annual currency now and they will be added to your alternate currency tab.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing coming in Update 1.9.  Don’t forget barbershops, Conquest, mentoring, and all of the other groovy goodness that you can find out about on the Update 1.9 page.

Now get out there and level those mounts!