Factions as Fiction – Bridging the gap in 1.10!

Posted by on 7 September 2012

RIFT 1.10: Calm Before the Storm might be our last major update before Storm Legion but don’t think we didn’t go all the way!

When the update arrives a major change will take place in Telara – the Ascended will learn to look past their differences and work to fight the Blood Storm together. Guardians & Defiant will come together to face the greatest threat the world, and possibly the universe, has ever faced.

With the death of four of the dragons much has changed and old rivalries are questioned as new challenges arise. Complete destruction of the Blood Storm is now essential if this world is to ever find peace – the Ascended must unite if they are to ultimately travel to the planes and defeat them!

In Update 1.10 players on PvE Shards will be able to team up and communicate with members of the opposite faction outside of the Tutorial. We’re always looking for ways to allow you to enjoy the many features RIFT has to offer together and this is a massive step in that direction.

With 1.10 the following features can be enjoyed together by members of each faction:

  • Open world groups/public groups
  • Guilds
  • Looking for Dungeon Tool
  • Entering a Dungeon/Raid
  • Instant Adventure
  • Chronicles
  • Group Queuing for Conquest/Warfronts
  • Weddings
  • Chat (channels & tells including cross shard)
  • Quest sharing
  • Mail
  • Cross Faction Trade
  • Friends List & Ignore

PvP Restrictions

Players on PvP Shards will only be able to participate in random dungeon groups with members of the opposite faction (besides Warfronts/Conquest obviously). You will also only be able to send tells to players of the opposite faction on shards other than your own.

If you are flagged for PvP on any shard you will only be able to group with members of your own faction – flagging for PvP while in a cross faction group will warn you that doing so will result in your removal.

We realize this is a significant shift and opens a new world of opportunities. In the end we want you to be able to enjoy RIFT with as few restrictions as possible so you can focus on having fun no matter what faction you or your friends choose!