Hunt Rifts: Tearing into Storm Legion

Posted by on 26 September 2012

New in Storm Legion, Hunt Rifts let you strike at planar commanders before they unleash annihilating armies across Telara.

The catch?

You’re hunting vicious elemental lords with unique tactics and minions whose buffs and abilities can make YOU the prey. Their incredible defenses require strength, coordination, and turrets to bring down – turrets they’re happy to destroy while barbequing your party.

Ascended will dive into first-tier Hunt Rifts in Dusken and Brevane, battling their way through the ranks of planar commanders. Defeating each Hunt Rift grants special rewards including a unique Achievement unlocking more difficult hunts, setting you on a collision course with end-game encounters that aren’t for the faint of heart.

These late-tier “Great Hunts” require approval and aid from Torvan Hunters – expert trappers who discovered planar translocation – and a host of allies to pull off. Succeed and you’ll win loot for the ages!

Gear up now – the hunt starts Nov. 13. Chase the storm at