Participating in Extra Life

Posted by on 17 October 2012

Hail Ascended!

While we’ve introduced you to what extra life is all about, we said we’d be following up with all the details you need to know when we got closer – now that we’re just THREE days away, we think we’re close enough! So without further adieu, here’s how you can maximize the funage and be a part of all the festivities:

Earning the 24 Hours Played

We don’t expect everyone to play for a solid 24 hours straights, between real life obligations and ensuring your own health and safety it’s our objective to be as flexible as we can be to allow as many people as possible to be a part of this great cause – after all, what matters is raising awareness and funds for helping children and to have fun doing it.

So with that in mind -

  • You must earn a total of 24 hours played during the hours of 12:00AM on Saturday, 10/20 thru Sunday, 10/21 at 11:59PM.
  • This can be cumulative, meaning you can split up the 24 hours as much as you want as long as the total is reached between the time and dates above.
  • Officially, Extra Life runs from Saturday, 10/20 at 8:00AM Pacific (5PM GMT) to Sunday, 10/21 at 8:00AM Pacific – we have a special challenge outlined below for those who want to go the distance!

Where to Play

One of the biggest changes to this years festivities – you don’t have to play on a single character on the same shard for the full 24 hours!

We’ve made some adjustments that allow us to tell who has played a full day on any shard, including BETA, for the full 24 hours. This means that you can mix and match your playtime so you don’t have to miss out on raids or playing with your friends while still being a part of the festivities!

Want to hang out with us? We’ll be spending the majority of our time on the Laethys and BETA shards – if you want to get in on the sheepening, naked runs, and other shenanigans this is where you’ll want to be. And of course, if you’re just joining us and want to know where the action is currently happening, we’ll be Live Streaming most of it starting between 8-10AM on Saturday at

 Your Fabulous Prize, Should You Succeed

We’re here for the children, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sweeten the deal and thank you for contributing your hard-earned free time towards such an amazing cause!

As a thanks to everyone and a token of your fortitude for enduring the full 24 hours anyone who reaches the goal will be warded with a title:

  • First Timers: “the Insomniac”
  • Returning veterans: “Sleepless” prefix

But that’s not all…

BONUS CHALLENGE – Elrar’s Hardcore Hall of Fame

We know you’re out there, a simple 24 hours? Please – you want a real challenge!

For those of you who want to take it to the next level and be the ultimate charitable achiever then this sections for you.

Below you’ll find a list of categories in which we’ll award the top 10% of each category with the title “the Charitable” and the Helm of the Demon Lord. Furthermore, the top 3 in each category will be awarded the rare and coveted Hooty the Owl, and Cookie the Bogling Chef companions in addition to the sleek Spaulders of Earthen Might!

To be eligible, you must have a LEVEL 1 character on the Laethys shard as of 8AM Pacific (3PM GMT) on Saturday, 10/20. Once the clock strikes 8AM Pacific you can begin leveling your character and pursuing your categories of choice. Direct assistance from Alts or other players not participating in the challenge is strictly prohibited!

  • Highest Level Achieved
  • Most Favor Earned
  • Most Instant Adventures Completed
  • Most Planarite Earned
  • Highest Crafting Skill (combined)
  • Most Achievements Earned
  • Most Dungeons Completed
  • Most Money Earned
  • Most Critters Killed
  • Most Artifacts Collected

 How to Join Us on October 20th

  • Go to the Extra Life site and register. You can choose to play with a team or as an individual or Join the Trion Worlds Team.
  • Be sure to include your Rift account information to get your in game title!
  • Let family & friends know and get as many pledges as you can to help Children’s Miracle Network
  • On October 20thth, join us for 24 hours of Rift and your chance at some great in-game items!

It’s that easy – Gamers have big hearts and always come through to help great causes like this. We here at Trion are thrilled to be a part of this charity and look forward to another great event this year!

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