The Art of Storm Legion – More Beasts from Beyond the Ward

Posted by on 23 October 2012
Categories: News & Announcements.

In our latest round of Concept Art we present more of the foes you have to look forward to when RIFT: Storm Legion arrives – fortunately the Ascended have the new Empyrean Arbalist in their arsenal to make quick work of them!

Shade Giants

Shade Giants are the creation of the ghoulish Shapers, who fashioned these enforcers to be powerful and – in their eyes – beautiful.

Animator Cahail

Animator Cahail is a Shaper who follows his own artistic path. Rather than sculpting necrotic flesh, he preserves its essence at the moment of death.

Empyrean Arbalest

The Empyrean Arbalest can be configured to discharge a variety of elemental torrents: glacial blasts for control, infernal flames that sear everything in their path, necrotic miasmas that hasten death, or beneficial healing mists.

The Architects

With the other dragons slain, Crucia can recruit elemental servitors from across the cosmos. The Architects she has added to her Storm Legion are much sought after for their martial prowess and technical skill.