RIFT Roundtables: A summary

Posted by on 13 November 2012

Being close to our community is something that we at Trion have been treasuring from the first moment. Be it bugfixes, general changes and up to features like the Barbershop, many things had their beginning within the community. We wanted to take this one step further – and introduced RIFT Roundtables.

What are Roundtables?

Roundtables are centered around specific topics – the first roundtable that was taking place with the French and German communities was centered around Storm Legion, for instance. And what would make more sense than to invite Scott Hartsman to it? So the only thing missing is the community. And while the first Roundtable was exclusive to the French and German communities, by now it’s happening on an international level – with members of Fansites and Communities from all over the world.

The Roundtable – Articles and Threads

Roundtable: Klassen mit Adam Gershowitz

Storm Legion – Class Roundtable with Gersh

Roundtable: Zonen mit Simon Ffinch und Nicholas McDowel

Storm Legion – Zones Roundtable [Englisch]


You think someone is missing?

You think there should be other Community-representatives in the Roundtable? You’re missing someone that can represent the Rogues? Or someone who’s constantly helping on the forums and could use the background information to be even more awesome?

If you’ve got suggestions, just send them via PM to Elrar, with a good reason, why we should take that person into consideration! We’ll then have a look at them and see if we’ll soon have more people in the next Roundtable!


  • That person should show a high activity on the forums
  • That person should be well behaved on the forums (No personal attacks, trolling, etc.)
  • That person should be able to speak and understand English – our German and French CMs will gladly help with more complex questions in those languages, though!
  • That person should be fine with being recorded for podcasts or similar things

We’re looking forward to the next time!