New Dimension: Welcome Home to Moonshade Pools

Posted by on 18 April 2013

Back in February we held the Joy of Dimensions contest and the lucky winner got to choose the next Dimension to be added to RIFT!

Welcome to Moonshade Pools, the cascading ponds and falls that hug the rugged coast of the Moonshade Highlands. This serene spot has commanding views of the entire zone & Threesprings – you can even see Sanctum’s lofty citadel silhouetted in the sunset.

It is truly beautiful, we could not have picked better ourselves & now we’re pleased to announce that it’s available for your use in-game!

Dimension Details

Where to buy: Tempest Bay – Woody Cook, Dimension Engineer
Cost: 300 Platinum
Base Item Limit: 250
Max Item Limit: 1000

Live Stream: Lifestyle’s of the Rich & Ascended Special

Join us Friday, 4/19 @ 1:30PM Pacific (9:30PM GMT) for your first look at this amazing dimension as we explore the masterfully crafted abodes of Kumberlin & Kitasia of Deepwood(NA-PvE)

Who knows, maybe we’ll explore some other Dimensional masterpieces if time allows!