Walking through REX & Gifting in RIFT Free-to-Play

Posted by on 28 May 2013

Welcome to another week in the RIFT Free to Play info extravaganza! We’re diving deeper into REX and Gifting, two features coming with the introduction of Free to Play in Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault.

RIFT Exchange

REX (short for RIFT Exchange) is one of the big experiments we’re launching with Free to Play – it’s an exchange currency that allows free players to earn RIFT Store Credits. REX will be available as items for purchase with real money on the new RIFT Store, and only players who have an account in good standing can buy them. By “good standing” we mean that you’ve had a purchase with us in the past that has verified you as being a real person instead of a gold farmer, spammer, or hacker. We *hate* those guys and don’t want to see them harm the in-game economy.

REX is a simple proposition, really. We believe that every player should have an avenue to obtain items and services from the RIFT Store without paying real money. It allows players earning in-game platinum to buy a REX on the Auction Hall, which they can then convert into Credits usable at the RIFT Store. The in-game platinum price is set by the player who bought the REX – Trion has nothing to do with it. We expect there will be a robust economy around these items.

There are limits to how many REX can be purchased; it’s not infinite. We’ll be carefully monitoring these items and will change their availability as needed. It’s also worth noting that spending real money to buy REX just to turn into Credits for yourself is always the wrong choice; you’ll get more Credits by purchasing Credits directly through the RIFT Store.

The REX Lifecycle

  • After purchasing REX from the RIFT Store for real money, you will be able to trade, sell, or auction your REX to other players.
  • The recipient can then consume that REX to receive Credits – or they could resell it on the Auction Hall, give it to a friend, etc.
  • The price that REX trade for is entirely up to the players.
  • Free players can earn Loyalty by spending the Credits they receive, and a little extra from consuming the REX itself.
  • Credits cannot be converted back into REX. It’s an in-game item that can only be purchased with real money.


This one is a little more straightforward! Among the things you’ll be able to do with Credits, once Free to Play is live, is purchase gifts for other players. When you browse items in the new RIFT Store and on merchants, you’ll see a new icon next to many items. If an item has this icon next to its listing, it’s available to send as a gift. Just click the gift box and you’ll soon be lavishing your friends with sweet loot!

When you select an item to gift, a fancy Gifting mail window will pop up, where you can choose to add a custom message and pick a “wrapper” icon if you want to keep the contents a secret. Then, it’s off to the magical mystery tubes that deliver in-game mail. Gifts can be sent to anyone, free player or Patron.

RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault is only a few more weeks away! Next week we’ll be changing pace and exploring the awesome content you have to look forward to in the Dendrome, a massive new zone hidden behind the barrier in Ashora. If you’re looking for more details on RIFT Free to Play, take a look through the Free to Play page and FAQ, or join us to talk about it on the forums, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also check out Free to Play on our Public Test Server – stop by to let us know what you think!

Bill Fisher – Professional Gift Wrapper and Currency Alchemist

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