RIFT Free-to-Play: Exploring the Dendrome

Posted by on 4 June 2013

“From the glittering spires of the Solstice Tower, to the sacred grove of the Northern Cross, to the holy temple of the Goddess [unintelligible] there is much to see in the province of Dendrome.”

- Calx, the Observant Hologram

The Dendrome is a land that has been sealed away from mortal eyes for an age. The source of the Faetouched energies that were used to rip apart the Brevanic civilization, it has been a mystery for players since the release of Storm Legion.

Life After Dragons

Since the launch of RIFT, the dragons of the Blood Storm have been our constant villains. They have been the adversaries of gods and mortals, able to corrupt the pure, inflame the passions of the wicked, and cause all manner of elemental apocalypses. Now they’re dead*. The Ascended are way too good at defeating the enemies of Telara. So what comes next?

In the Dendrome we start to introduce enemies that have been lurking in the shadows (or in this case quietly tunneling under Telara), and show what the cosmos has become without the dragons to take the role of prime evil. The Architects are a species that we all really liked back when we started Storm Legion. Now we have had the time to give them their moment in the sun – one they’d happily use to reduce the world to sand and then march off in conquest of another.

A Very Silly Place

We’ve kicked Telara around a lot since we launched RIFT. And while it is indeed our job to spread plagues and invasions so that the heroic Ascended have someone to fight, sometimes you want to stumble upon something that’s going right in the world. Welcome to Hailol.

It’s a whimsical place, a place of drink, of Fae creatures, talking animals, and revelers from across Telara. It’s a place where you can relax and enjoy the many pleasures of life. Of course, villains being what they are, there are quite a few nefarious types that want to ruin the party at Hailol: the sinister faerie court of Equinox, the Awakened acolytes of Salvarola, and let us not forget about the Architects who are reducing the jungles to sand and dust at an alarming rate. Luckily, heroes of all sizes and shapes are heading to the Dendrome to defend it from threats above and below.

Many Kinds of Heroes

We hope you’ll be one of them. Whether you are looking for the challenge of one of the world raid bosses emerging from new dens of evil, hunting down hundreds of artifacts, manning the defenses of Empyreal Strongholds, or just want to kick back and enjoy a puppet show, fun runs rampant in the Dendrome.

* Yes, one is still traipsing about wearing the body of the monarch of Tempest Bay as a meat-suit.

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