Welcome to RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault & Free-to-Play!

Posted by on 12 June 2013

Greetings Ascended!

RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault is here at last – unleashing Free-to-Play and the massive new zone, the Dendrome, upon Telara.

This may be one of our biggest updates yet – if not ever. Filled to the brim with new features, updates, and a whole new way to enjoy the game you love!

We have a lot to go over, read on for what you have to look forward to:

RIFT is now Free-to-Play

The biggest change in 2.3 for old & new players alike is the release of Free-to-Play. With our pledge to have no trials, no tricks, and no traps we’re doubling down on our commitment to provide an awesome gaming experience first.

You’ll be able to browse the in-game RIFT Store and purchase Credits to buy or gift all-new Wardrobe items, mounts, services (weapon appearance change & Faction Change are just two!), and conveniences like XP boosts – in fact, there are nearly 5,000 items or services available to choose from!

The best part is though – you won’t find any paywalls in RIFT, when we say free we mean FREE. All of the levels, content, & features of RIFT are yours to enjoy forever, at no extra cost.

What’s more is that we’ve even made it possible for a player to earn EVERYTHING in RIFT at no cost at all – using REX, short for RIFT Exchange, you can sell or trade Store Credits for in-game currency. It’s pretty simple:

  1. Player A purchases a REX for real money in the RIFT Store.
  2. Player A receives the REX in their inventory.
  3. Player A sells or trades their REX to Player B in-game; Player B then consumes the REX and gets Store Credits to buy cool stuff.
  4. Everybody wins!

It’s important to note – REX cannot be exchanged for Credits or real money.

With Free-to-Play, a subscription is no longer required. Instead, a subscription gives you awesome ‘Patron’ perks like bonus XP, Favor & Prestige; faster mount speeds; even a 10% discount to the store & more!

We’ve also added unique Loyalty Rewards that you earn through being a Patron, purchasing items on the RIFT Store, using REX, and for special in-game activities – there are 5 tiers to unlock filled with cool items not available anywhere else!

For all the details on the benefits of being a Patron and RIFT Free-to-Play check out www.riftgame.com/free

Welcome to the Dendrome – We’ve Got Fun & Games

The other HUGE part of RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault is, of course, the Dendrome – a massive new zone found beyond the empyreal ward of Ashora!

You’ll battle your way into these lost lands & discover the secrets that led to the downfall of the Brevanic people and unleashed the fury of the Bloodstorm upon Telara. All while trying to stop the insectoid Architects from consuming the very core of the planet itself!

A huge new zone for max level players: The biggest Artifact Collection EVER, Cosmic Rhinoceroses, complex puzzles & achievements with new rewards, all-new quests that continue the story of Storm Legion, twisted artifacts, puppet shows, instant adventures, zone events, & more secrets than I can list here!

  • 3 Open-World Raids: Take on the baddest of bad with all your Ascended allies in dynamically scaling Open-World raid encounters. Vanquish these foes for weekly rewards to earn powerful gear you’ll need to face the dangers ahead.
  • Strongholds: Taking the planar war to the next level, Strongholds are yours to capture & defend against the invading hordes of the Bloodstorm, and scale to challenge 10-70+ players! Upgrade them with mutli-tiered fortifications & leap from platform to platform vanquishing foes and earning rewards.
  • Queen’s Gambit Chronicle: The Architects themselves are attempting to Ascend! Stop them from achieving their goal and unleashing impossible horrors upon Telara in this challenging 1-2 player Chronicle that explores the story of Hive Kaaz’Gfuu.
  • MMMMEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAD! Everyone’s favorite imbiber of fine spirits has returned in the Dendrome & now runs the enchanted town of Hailol with his fae & furried friends – but all is not well for these party animals. Help Atrophinius with his attempts to bring peace to the Dendrome and denizens of the Plane of Life!

No doubt you’ll want to see it all for yourself – check out some screenshots & a bit more back story on this mystical land: Exploring the Dendrome

But wait…there’s more!

You think we’d stop there? This is RIFT after all!

In proper Trion style we’ve pulled out all the stops to give you even more to enjoy:

  • Grim Awakening Sliver: This 10-man raid explores the fate of Kingsward had Salvarola succeeded with his plans – with new, powerful rewards to earn you better be ready for the challenge!
  • Weapon Transfiguration: You can now change the appearance of your weapon to any other weapon of the same type! Purchase the Transfiguration Bauble in the RIFT Store or get your first one free with Loyalty Rewards.
  • Change Your Faction or Race: Ever dreamed of being a Bahmi Guardian? Now you can be! Change your race in the Barbershop and then pick-up a Faction Change Scroll in the RIFT Store to change your entire appearance.
  • 4 New Dimensions + a TON of NEW Items: Feel like Crucia as you lord over Telara from the Edge of Infinity or get in touch with your softer side in the pink-paradise of Hailol! These Dimensions & more can be yours along with modular building pieces, entire buildings, and HUNDREDS of new items!

We weren’t kidding when we said this was a BIG update – one of many more to come!

Thanks for being a part of RIFT, whether you’re a veteran or just getting started, we look forward to a long & awesome road ahead.

Stay classy Telara,

James “Elrar” Nichols
RIFT Community Manager

Explore RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault LIVE

Tune in this Friday, 6/14 @ 1:30PM Pacific (8:30PM GMT) on www.twitch.tv/trionworlds to see everything this MASSIVE update has in store during the Trion Friday Live Stream EXTRAVAGANZA!