Character Transfer

Posted by on 13 June 2013


Looking for a new home or to join up with old friends? With the Free Character Transfer service you will have the power to find the community that is best for you.

The Free Character Transfer service allows you to move your characters (and your guild!) to a different shard once every 7 days. This is an added benefit of your monthly subscription and comes at no cost to you.

Transferring Your Character

The Free Character Transfer service is quick and convenient and can all be done in-game!

Here’s a quick list to make sure all your bags are packed and you’re ready to go:

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your character must be level 15 or higher except when transferring off a Trial Shard.
  • Characters under level 40 are restricted from transferring if they have more than 3 platinum per level (for a maximum of 120 platinum at level 40). This is to prevent abuse and should not impact most players.
  • Your account must not be coin-locked. Not only does coin-lock protect your character and their possessions, it also ensures that no one else can transfer your character.
  • Your character’s mailbox must be empty. Make sure you’ve cleared out any unread mail or items; otherwise you won’t be able to transfer.
  • No auctions either! Make sure you have no outstanding bids or items up for sale.
  • The character you selected has not been transferred in the past 7 days.

If you miss any of these checks, don’t worry. The game will let you know if it has an issue before your transfer and won’t allow you to proceed until you meet the requirements.


  1. Log in to RIFT
  2. At character select, highlight the character you wish to transfer.
  3. At the bottom of your screen, click the new “Transfer” button.
  4. On the Character Transfer window, select a shard that is open for transfers. (If your guild has already transferred, their new shard will be indicated on the selection screen – see “Finding Your Guild” for more info.) NOTE: Not all shards may be available as transfer destinations. In addition, Guardian and Defiant players may have different destinations available to prevent faction overcrowding. Available shards will change over time based on population needs.
  5. If your character is in a guild – but not its Guild Leader – you will be asked to allow the system to remove your character from the guild. If you are transferring to a new shard with your guild, please see “Finding Your Guild” for more info.
  6. If your character’s name is not available on your destination shard, you will notified at this time. If you decide to continue with the transfer, you will need to re-name your character when logging in to your new shard for the first time.
  7. For Guild Leaders: You will have the opportunity to transfer your guild at this point. If you decline, your guild will not be transferred with your character – please see “Transferring Your Guild” for more details.
  8. You will receive a confirmation box allowing you to review your choices, at which time you can cancel or make any changes. Cancelling, up to this point, will not affect your character.Step 8 image
  9. To proceed with the Character Transfer you must type “transfer” in the text box and click “Transfer.”
  10. Once your transfer is underway, it should be completed in a few seconds. You will not be able to log in to the character you have just transferred until it has completed.

Finding Your Guild

If you’re not the Guild Leader but plan to move with your guild to a new shard, we’ve made it easy to stick together.

  • Upon logging in, you will be notified that your guild has moved, which shard it has moved to, and of its new name (if a name change was required). You can also find this information in your Guild window (G key) as a reminder, until you leave your former guild or transfer your character.
  • Simply transfer to your guild’s new shard; you’ll see it indicated at the shard select screen. Use the step-by-step directions in “Transferring Your Character” to transfer your character.
  • You will always be able to transfer to your guild’s new shard (even if the shard is no longer available for free transfers).
  • Once you’ve transferred to your guild’s new shard, you will automatically be added to the guild.

Transferring Your Guild

We understand that organizing your members to move to a new shard requires a lot of effort. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you, as Guild Leader, and your teammates to coordinate and make the transition. These steps can only be completed by the Guild Leader.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your Guild Bank must be empty.
  • The Guild Tithing perk should be disabled to keep your guild bank empty.


  1. After completing Steps 1-5 in “Transferring Your Character”, you will be asked if you wish to transfer your guild with your character. NOTE: If you decline this option, your character will be dropped from your guild and the next highest ranking member will automatically be promoted to Guild Leader when you complete your Character Transfer.
  2. If you agree to move your guild with your character, the game will verify whether or not your current guild name is available on your destination shard. If it is not, you will need to select a new name to proceed.
  3. You will receive a confirmation box allowing you to review your choices. At this time, you can cancel or make any changes. Cancelling up to this point will not affect your character or guild.
  4. To proceed with the Character Transfer you must type “Transfer” in the text box and click “Transfer.”
  5. Once your transfer is underway, it should be completed in a few seconds. You will not be able to log in to the character you have just transferred until it has completed.
  6. Following your transfer, guild members that join you on your destination shard will automatically be restored to the guild.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move from a PvP shard to a PvE shard or vice-versa?

Of course! The rule set of your current shard will not prevent you from moving to a shard of a different type. So PvP, RP, PvE, or RPPvP to your heart’s content – Just remember, you’re subject to the rules of your new home! (For example, non-consensual PvP on PvP shards and stricter naming policies on RP shards.)

What about my stuff?

Everything except for items left in your mailbox, at the Auction House, and in your Guild Bank will be transferred with your character.

Will these transfers always be free for everyone?

For the foreseeable future – yes! We feel this feature will add a unique way to play RIFT and look forward to seeing how it goes!

Why are only some shards available for transfer?

We want the shard you select to provide the best experience possible. It is important that there remains a balance between Guardian and Defiant players to ensure that available shards do not become overpopulated or unbalanced. For this reason you will only be able to move to specific shards we’ve selected to accept new transfers. Please note the shards available for transfer may change over time.

Will I be able to change my character’s faction (from Defiant to Guardian for example) when I transfer, or will I be able to transfer my character to another active account?

Not at this time. While these options are something we might look into in the future, they are currently not available.