Riding High – Exploring Some of RIFT’s Coolest Mounts

Posted by on 11 July 2013

Since Telara has no shortage of epic rides, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. To learn where they’re from & how to get them, read on!

Crocnard – Devourer of the Deeps

Rock the Croc! This low-riding leatherback was raised by the Abyssal for not only its vicious speed but its ferocious personality – Complete the epic Water Saga to claim yours!

How to get one:

  • Defiant: Speak with The Faceless Man in The Abyssal Precipice (Dungeon, Defiant Version) to start the quest “A New Era for the AbyssaL”
  • Guardian: Talk to Cardinal Visc in Sanctum after completing Abyssal Precipice (Dungeon, Guardian Version) to get the quest “Cultists Adrift”
  • This is an epic quest series, meaning it has multiple Acts & over 25 quests!

Spectacular Spectral Steeds

These are some paranormal pals of mine, earned through a variety of means. I got my [ghost horse] name during the Rift 1.1 River of Souls event, and it’s still one of my favorites. The others can be earned every fall for the Autumn Harvest seasonal World Event!

How to get one:

  • Spectral Spider, Ash Strider, Crocnard & Najmok: Available during the fall seasonal World Event “Autumn Harvest”, the Ash Strider is also available in the RIFT Store
  • Soulbound Charger: Complete the River of Souls Chronicle at level 50+ for your chance to earn this rare beauty!

Nebula & Tindrel – Dream Machines

These high-powered mounts are some of the most sought after in the entire game – behold the galactic beauty of Nebula and the mechanical perfection of Tindrel!

How to get one:

  • Nebula & Tindrel: Both are available during the anniversary World Event “Carnival of the Ascended” that happens every March! They’re also available now in the RIFT Store along with Nebula’s sister, Aurora!

The Kickin Ki Rin

A fish, an ox, & a dragon. It sounds like the start of a joke. Except it’s not funny at all – its awesome.

How to get one:

  • Emerald Ki Rin: Available via the RIFT Store
  • Amethyst Ki Rin: A random reward from Deeps Lock Boxes
  • Sapphire Ki Rin: Currently only available as special in- game event loot. Some lucky players may have gotten one a couple weeks ago. Holla!
  • Ruby Ki Rin: Yet to be found in the wilds of Telara, this one’s whereabouts remain a mystery! Muahahaha

More Mounts!

We wish we could cover them all in a single article, but fortunately Zam has you covered for the rest – check out RIFTHead to find your dream ride today!

Mounts @ RIFTHead.com

You can find more rides at the RIFT Store in-game!

What’s your favorite mount?

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