New Hairstyles in RIFT 2.4

Posted by on 16 September 2013
Categories: Game Updates, Updates.

We’re adding four new hairstyles per race (and gender!) in our 2.4 update as well as a slew of new colors. Not only will you be able to mix and match old and new tones to create unique highlights and base colors, you’ll be able to choose from Natural Tones, Intense Light Tones, Light Tones, Intense Midtones, Midtones, and Dark Tones.

Telarans will be able to pick up the new hairstyles for 800 credits. Color bundles range from 500-800 credits and the entire bundle is available for 2640 (and you can gift this bundle to give the gift of awesome hair to all your friends.)

We’re also adding new skin tones to each race with 2.4: each different tone is available for 500 credits and the bundled skin tone package is 2000 credits.

Community Coordinator Morgana has also taken some screenshots of different looks you can sport in 2.4. This is a tiny sliver of the different combinations: when Wednesday rolls around, post your look on the forums. We’d love to see them all!

hair16_dwarf_male hair15_dwarf_male

hair14_dwarf_female hair13_dwarf_female

hair12_bahmi_male hair11_bahmi_male

hair10_bahmi_female hair9_bahmi_female

hair8_kelari_female hair7_kelari_female

hair6_kelari_male hair5_kelari_male

hair4_eth_female hair3_eth_female

hair2_eth_male hair1_eth_male

hair24_mathosian_male hair23_mathosian_male

hair22_mathosian_female hair21_mathosian_female

hair20_highelf_male hair19_highelf_male

hair18_highelf_female hair17_highelf_female