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The Great Iron Pine Peak Makeover

Posted by on 27 November 2013
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With the launch of RIFT’s 2.5 update, we were proud to unveil the new and much improved Iron Pine Peak. Since the launch of Storm Legon, many zones have been revised and upgraded, but Iron Pine went above and beyond: we completely rebuilt the zone, changing it from a 40-48 level zone and recreating it as a new mid-level experience for levels 27-35, introducing gamers to a new, snowy landscape far earlier in the game than ever before. Change of scenery is just the tip of the iceberg with the new Iron Pine Peak: we overhauled the storyline flow, quest continuity, and revamped the look and feel of the zone so that gamers again play an integral part in the tale of Crucia and the Storm Legion.


New this week: Intrepid Greenscale’s Blight

Posted by on 26 November 2013
Intrepid Greenscale

This week we unwrap the sights, sounds, and smells of another new level-60 Chronicle: Intrepid Greenscale’s Blight!

You see, the Dragon of Fumes feeds once again — on the mightiest of all Ascended. The good news? He’s bloated with new treasures. The bad?

His bite’s as bad as his gas ….

Grandfather Frost

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!


Mount up with Mech Week!

Posted by on 25 November 2013
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Mech Week blasts its way into RIFT today, November 26th, through December 3. Get new pets and weapons plus raid tokens, essences and – for the lucky – an all-new mechanical-means-of-conveyance!

Yeah, that’s right. You can now use a mech as a mount.


Tomorrow’s Friday Livestream Extravaganza Schedule

Posted by on 21 November 2013
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Tomorrow’s Friday – and that means another Friday Livestream Extravaganza! Please join us starting at 1:30 PM PST (in a different time zone? Use our handy world clock!)


New this week: Intrepid Hammerknell

Posted by on 20 November 2013
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Fae Yule 2013

Feeling intrepid, are we? This week’s Gift of the Fae takes you to the new level-60 Hammerknell Chronicle and haunted home of the Dwarves … or what’s left of them.

The wibbly little miners have vanished without a trace. No hammers. No goblets. Not a smidgen of beard.

Find them you must! Without the Dwarves, where would we get our gold?

Grandfather Frost

P.S. Join us for more 2.5 live stream action at 1:30pm Friday, Nov. 22 at