Fae Yule Returns to Telara!

Posted by on 11 December 2014

Fae Yule

It’s time to deck the halls, stoke the fire, and … WAIT, where is Grandfather Frost?!


Fae Yule has returned to RIFT with a ton of new presents in tow, but our jolly master of ceremonies is nowhere to be found. Now through Jan. 7 you can launch Minions on a series of missions to find the absent bogling while you collect new seasonal loot, battle the Golden Devourer world boss, and spread holiday cheer throughout the planes!

New Quests & World Boss

Fae Yule is catching on in the Plane of Water, with new holiday quests appearing at Ghar Station Mem, Ghar Station Rosh, and Port Scuddra. Stock up on Unique Snowflakes as you help the Ghar dream up presents, settle the score between Treants and a winter werewolf, and help the greedy Captain Jake Skyeling retrieve his booty. Then head to the Dendrome for a showdown with the season’s deadliest Grinch, the new Golden Devourer raid boss!

New Minions

Frost may be missing, but all-new holiday Minions are here to save the day. Unwrap a Fae Yule Minion Pack from the in-game store to enlist the help of Nightbringer, Atrophinius, Yulogon, and more. Rumor has it their new Fae Yule Minion Adventures can lead the way to Frost (and even unlock him as your own!).

Pets, Portraits, Weapons, and More

Take time out from the mead-fueled merriments to browse the host of new Pets, Planar Essences, festive Dimension Items, and Costume Weapons debuting this year. Scoop them up for Snowflakes or Credits, check out our new event cloak and (animated!) Player Portrait, or get a Fae Yule Supply Crate for a chance at a 2014 signature Merry Mink mount!


PLUS Classic Fae Yule

Dive into familiar Fae Yule adventures from Freemarch, Silverwood, and Scarwood Reach to Cape Jule, Pelladane, and Ashora. Each zone features a village to build and decorate in the spirit of the season. Completing each village will unlock a special vendor and reveal gifts that the Fae have stolen and strewn about the zone. Collect the Fae’s treasures to complete classic artifact sets!

A Very Merry Whitefall Steppes

Battle in an extra-wintery Whitefall Steppes where one person is “gifted” with a special Yuletide form. Stock your base with presents to win, but don’t be caught holding the Fae Yule Cake.

And Bonus Rewards!

This year we’re adding extra rewards for completing level 65 Expert Dungeons, as well as a special Weekly Quest called Faelight Sparkle. Finish various Faelight activities to collect a Raid 1 item every week during Fae Yule!