Mount & Aquatic Token Sale 5/14 – 5/17

Posted by on 14 May 2015

Our great premium mount and aquatic token sale runs from 5/14 – 5/17. You may even see a rare mount on sale!

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Hammerknell Instant Adventures Now Available

Posted by on 7 May 2015

Ready your spells and fasten your armor: The fight for Hammerknell is open to all!

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Razorback Roundup Runs Now through May 13

Posted by on 7 May 2015

Rebellious Razorbacks are out of control, and we need your help to round them up!

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RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness has arrived!

Posted by on 15 April 2015

Hewn limbs rustle in the depths of the Delve. Tongues twitch and eyes search for the shapes of fallen bodies. They roll and cling and snap one to the next, cohering into souls you thought long dispatched: Murdantix, Zilas, Grugonim, Molinar – the list goes on as the full host of Akylios’s horrors rise from the grave. This is happening. This is Hammerknell. And this time everyone will meet its horrors face to face.

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RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness launches April 15

Posted by on 10 April 2015

Do you feel a tingling at the back of your neck, the faint wriggle of a tentacle as it tastes the base of your skull? Akylios, the god of Madness, has stirred in the depths of Hammerknell, restored by a surge of nightmares from the Plane of Water. Now, he calls to the Ascended once more, slipping into the dark recesses of hearts and minds to dare – or compel – your return to the cursed home of the Dwarves.

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