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Set Sail for the Planes: RIFT 3.0 launches Oct. 8!

Posted by on 27 August 2014

The RIFT Nightmare Tide™ expansion is bearing down on Telara, with launch targeted for Oct. 8!

New security feature for Glyph!

Posted by on 26 August 2014
Categories: News & Announcements.

Starting Thursday, we are adding a new security feature to Glyph to help keep your account safe.


Catch a Lovely Budgie Aug. 21-28

Posted by on 21 August 2014

All budgies are beautiful, but in the world of flapping fashion and dashing good looks, one stands head and tail feathers above the rest: the Lovely Budgie. These pageant-ready riding parrots, hatched from the most-loved eggs in their clutch, are looking for the perfect Ascended to take them home … or to rifts, Warfronts, and cosmic battles in the Plane of Water.  They’re not particular, as long as you’re there at their side!


Raid Target® or GAME UK® Stores, Get Bonus Loot

Posted by on 18 August 2014

Say you’re happily questing in Target, farming provisions for the Plane of Water when a Raid Rift tears through Cosmetics three aisles to the left. Or maybe you’re Wiiing at the GAME UK where Regulos takes tea.


Posted by on 31 July 2014
2.8 out now

Across Telara, ominous events portend the arrival of living nightmares tying the fate of the Ascended to a dream-born invasion rippling through the Plane of Water!