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Meet the Dream Weaver

Posted by on 23 January 2014

When phantoms reign and nightmares rise,
where naught is what it seems,
we’ll sail beneath the moonlit tide
for those who weave with dreams.
– Songs of Ghar

Ascended, rest assured you’re not dreaming: A new crafting profession makes landfall in RIFT 2.6! It’s called Dream Weaver, and it’s set to inspire (and raise the stakes for) Dimensions across Telara.


Inside Trion: The Ins and Outs of RIFT’s Dimensional Weather

Posted by on 10 December 2013

In RIFT, we create player-owned instances from the game world that we call Dimensions. They share the terrain, art, music, and most importantly for this post, the weather of the zones they mirror. Previously, the weather in Dimensions reigned supreme no matter what structure you erected.While this sometimes allowed for the creation of an amazing-looking show, on other occasions it resulted in a soggy living room. Today, I’m excited to talk about improvements coming in RIFT 2.6: players will now have excellent control over the weather in their Dimensions.


Inside Trion: Hello… is it CS you’re looking for?

Posted by on 3 December 2013
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Most tales would begin with the start of a new day, but here in the Customer Service department there is never one start to a day. We flow from one shift to another to make sure every hour of every day of the year is covered.

Our motto in CS is to “put the team on your back” and to “say it with your chest!” We take pride in making ourselves the best support department in the video games industry and welcome any feedback you may have that can help us obtain that goal. The purpose of this blog is to give you all a little insight into what we do on a day-to-day basis in order to help enhance your gaming experience.


The Great Iron Pine Peak Makeover

Posted by on 27 November 2013
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With the launch of RIFT’s 2.5 update, we were proud to unveil the new and much improved Iron Pine Peak. Since the launch of Storm Legon, many zones have been revised and upgraded, but Iron Pine went above and beyond: we completely rebuilt the zone, changing it from a 40-48 level zone and recreating it as a new mid-level experience for levels 27-35, introducing gamers to a new, snowy landscape far earlier in the game than ever before. Change of scenery is just the tip of the iceberg with the new Iron Pine Peak: we overhauled the storyline flow, quest continuity, and revamped the look and feel of the zone so that gamers again play an integral part in the tale of Crucia and the Storm Legion.


Using Data to Help Make Better Games

Posted by on 19 November 2013
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Over the past decade, data has been increasingly important in making game design decisions. Social games are among the catalysts for this change in thinking, primarily to hone in on the best ways to monetize their titles. Among core gamers, that’s created a perception that using game data = evil.

At Trion, we use the raw power of data for a very different purpose: we want to build a better game experience.

By understanding our populations and play-trends, by coupling the immersion of our development teams in-depth knowledge of our games with the analytical power of our in-game data, we have more information to use in making better, more fun online games.

By making a better experience, everyone wins.

I’m the head of a group of talented gurus of the data at Trion Worlds and today I’m writing about how we extract and use it to help our development team make our games bigger, better, and more fun with each update.

Let’s get into how the sausage is made in this data factory. To do that, I want to lay out the basics of the tools we use to crunch the numbers.