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Nightmare Tide Announcement Recap

Posted by on 27 June 2014
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It’s been absolutely amazing seeing RIFT players’ reaction to all this week’s news about our upcoming expansion, Nightmare Tide. Here’s a handy recap of everything we’ve released so far:


RIFT Executive Producer Bill “Daglar” Fisher Talks RIFT 3.0 and More!

Posted by on 24 June 2014

Memories of an Ascended

Long ago when I stepped into the world of Telara, I saw a land that was under siege. Strange beings from the elemental planes ripped holes in the very fabric of reality – creating the rifts. Out of the rifts the enemies of the Ascended poured, growing in power and intensity. Great colossi strode across the land, too powerful for any single Ascended to face. As we banded together to push back the invaders, close their rifts and smash their colossi, I remember the sense of being part of something bigger. Even though I did not know many of the Ascended that stood by my side, we all had a shared purpose: Push back the invaders and save Telara.

Europe Reunited!

Posted by on 23 June 2014
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As we talked about last October, our goal over the last months has been to completely unify the European region into a single cluster. This will enable all players in Europe to freely play with one another, transferring between European shards to participate in activities on whichever shard they choose. Our engineers have completed the necessary work, and the reunification of the European shards is now set to happen on July 3, 2014!


Hellbugs descend on Telara – new rifts, events, and loot!

Posted by on 18 June 2014
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A new brood of mayhem has skittered its way to RIFT in time for the Defiance Season 2 TV debut! A vicious strain of Hellbugs will appear in new rifts and footholds across Telara, along with new zone events in Freemarch, Silverwood, Stonefield, and Gloamwood.


Get Your Games With Glyph!

Posted by on 3 June 2014
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We are excited to announce the launch of Glyph, a new digital client for PC games! As a player, Glyph unifies all of Trion’s games into a single client and introduces new features and conveniences: