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Hard Boiled Brood: “Dragon” Egg Decoration Contest!

Posted by on 17 April 2012

Greetings, Ascended!

From the fires of Mount Carcera Maelforge and Laethys’ minions work tirelessly to hatch their plan, through their union they will raise a mighty brood  and their young shall consume all the world in flame. Our situation, however, is much less dire – instead of burning and pillaging Telara we’re challenging you to use your “dragon” eggs in a more constructive way – decorate them!

With the imminent arrival of Infernal Dawn and spring-time  upon us (in the Northern Hemisphere anyhow) we thought what better way to celebrate than with some seasonal egg decoration!

Save the Date – Get hitched and be part of a world record this Valentines Day!

Posted by on 25 January 2012

Love is in the air Ascended!

RIFT is introducing official Ascended Weddings, and to celebrate, we’re going for a world record: Most In-Game Marriages in a 24-Hour Period.

Join us and get married on Valentine’s Day to take your place in history!

Fae Yule Feast: Recipe Contest – Get cooking for great prizes!

Posted by on 9 December 2011

The holidays for many are a time for family, friends and FEASTS!

To celebrate in proper style we’re inviting all willing and able cooks to let your imaginations run wild and imagine what Telarans might enjoy during a Fae Yule Feast. How might the faceless man’s mother prepare najmok meatloaf?

We’re giving away Cookie the Bogling Chef, and other rare in-game items, to the top 5 recipes in celebration of your culinary creativity – you have until Friday, December 16th @ 5:00PM PST to submit your entry so read below to get cooking!

Telaran Scavenger Hunt – Earn the “Detective” Title!

Posted by on 14 November 2011
Categories: Community Events.

Greetings Ascended! It’s off to Amogl Dowo for the Telaran Scavenger Hunt!

For those of you just tuning in, this is just one of our Community Events, which we’ll be running once a week at varying times so that everyone has a chance to participate.

The first 30 people to find today’s scavenger hunt item and post a screenshot of it in your character’s inventory will be awarded the title of “the Detective!”

2011 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Posted by on 10 November 2011

Everyone has been waiting patiently, and the votes are in. The winners of the 2011 RIFT Halloween Costume Contest have been chosen, and by none other than you, the RIFT Community!