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The Trion Community Party @ gamescom 2012 Happened!

Posted by on 18 August 2012

Just in case you haven’t heard – there’s a convention going on right now, and it’s called gamescom. It happens in a weird little fairytale country called “Germany”, the magical land of Beer, Bratwurst and Brezeln. As it so happens, in the last few years, we scheduled a party each year in this there country – and it coincided very well with this whole gamescom thing. So, we decided to make it a bit of a tradition.

And, by now, that’s what it is – a tradition. The last two years our party happened in a place called “Bauwerk” – a very cool place with rooms that slide out of a wall (no, seriously). But with four games at gamescom (RIFT, End of Nations, DEFIANCE and Warface), we thought that it was time to up the ante. So up we went – to the 28th floor and roof terrace of one of the highest buildings in Cologne, the “KölnSky”, overlooking the whole of Cologne.

We worked hard for it to be fun.

And apparently, it worked out!

We gave away quite a few prizes, and some great talks, some even better drinks, and overall a fantastic time with the people that we care about the most – our community. Thank you for a great time, and may the bacon be with you! Now, see below for a gallery of delicious pics!