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Introducing Loyalty

Posted by on 20 May 2013

Greetings once again, Ascended!

Your actions in-game are rewarded all sorts of ways – achievements, loot, tokens, exp, and just good ol’ fashion fun. But, we’ve always believed that players should be thanked for their commitment to RIFT as an MMO they choose to continue to subscribe to and play. Previously, we’ve given rewards based on how long players may have been subscribed to RIFT through unlockable Veteran Rewards. Obviously that won’t work when subscriptions are no longer required! That’s where the new Loyalty system comes into play.

Introducing RIFT Free-to-Play

Posted by on 14 May 2013

Greetings, Ascended!

The RIFT team prides itself on listening to our players and taking feedback seriously, and many great features have been added to RIFT due to this relationship. Some of those changes have been dramatic, others more subtle.