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PTS PvP Normalization Test : Round 2 – Tuesday, 8/21 @ 4PM PDT

Posted by on 20 August 2012

Hail Ascended!

We’re getting prepared to undertake a grand experiment – to explore the potential of normalizing player stats in Warfronts & Conquest.

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday 8/21 @ 4PM PDT (11PM GMT) on the Public Test Shard as we explore this test and help us to uncover any bugs or issues.

PTS Event Thursday 8/16 @ 4PM PDT – Instant Adventure in Scarwood Reach!

Posted by on 16 August 2012

We have now made it easier than ever to go adventuring with your fellow ascended.

It’s time to saddle up and head out to Scarwood Reach for a look at our latest addition to Instant Adventure!

EU PTS Event – Conquest – Test the latest in RIFT PvP on Thursday, 6/21 at 4PM PDT!

Posted by on 18 June 2012

Three faction PvP and the essence of open world combat will soon storm upon the shores of the Public Test Shard!

Welcome to Conquest – choose your side and square off in a no-holds-barred, interdimensional battle royal on Thursday, 6/21 @ 4:00PM PDT (12AM BST). Join us for another massive test of this brand new feature!

World Event Merchant changes in Update 1.9

Posted by on 15 June 2012

Hey guys,

We wanted to let you know that the time has come to spend your old event currency. When Update 1.9 arrives this week, rewards associated with the following currencies will be removed from the world event merchants:

PTS Event Monday 3/19 @ 4PM PST – New Ember Isle Instant Adventure Feature!

Posted by on 16 March 2012

We’ve now made it easier than ever to go adventuring with your fellow ascended. Soon you’ll get to experience the thrill of Instant Adventure in Ember Isle!