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NEXT WEEK: Mayhem In Mathosia! AUG 21 – SEPT 4

Posted by on 13 August 2013

Ascended of all levels!

Massive planar invasions march on the heart of Mathosia. Gather in Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, and Moonshade Highlands to defend the world against impeding destruction!

Fireworks for your 4th of July!

Posted by on 2 July 2013

Light up the skies of Telara with 31 flavors of fireworks!

To celebrate our Independence Day here in the United States we’re introducing an awesome assortment of fireworks to the RIFT Store and, for one week, these spectacular pyrotechnics will be dropping out of rifts for everyone to enjoy.

Hunt Rifts: Tearing into Storm Legion

Posted by on 26 September 2012

New in Storm Legion, Hunt Rifts let you strike at planar commanders before they unleash annihilating armies across Telara.

Step right up – the Carnival is here with awesome prizes and bonuses!

Posted by on 29 February 2012

Can you believe it Ascended?

It’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR since RIFT was unleashed upon the world – it’s hard to imagine we’ve done as much as we have in only 365 days, but now it’s time to celebrate all we have accomplished together!

The citizens of Telara are throwing you a massive party complete with midway games, fanciful balloons, and two of the most epic mounts you’ll have ever feast your eyes on – Welcome to the Carnival of the Ascended!

Summer Update: RIFT Into the Future!

Posted by on 17 July 2011

Hey, everyone. Following the release of 1.3 last month, we realized that we’ve spent so much time working on the game that we haven’t taken the time to do a big, public update with some of the things that are coming up for RIFT.

After looking at all of the things currently happening in the studio, the piece you’re about to read took on a life of its own. Why did that happen? Between the sheer volume of great things going on and the staggering number of people working on them, one point kept getting hammered home:


When you buy the game, when you subscribe, when you Ascend a Friend, that directly translates into more effort that we get to put into making RIFT even better.

The fact that so many of you are playing (and have continued to play!) has let us keep growing both our plans and the development team more than we had hoped possible.

Your support is the thing that lets us expand into delivering even more of the things that you want.

It’s only fair, then, that we share what we’ve been doing with that trust you place in us every month.

We wanted to give you a look behind the scenes into how your actions and feedback have translated into our improvements over the recent updates, as well as a preview into how you can continue to influence our development plans for RIFT over the coming months.