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Update 1.6: From the Embers Has Arrived!

Posted by on 16 November 2011

RIFT 1.6: From the Embers plunges players into all new adventures across the vast and mysterious Ember Isle. Once the home of the Kelari, Ascended will battle new enemies to unlock the secrets of the island and uncover the treasures that await you!

PTS Event Today, 11/11/11 @ 4PM PST – ‘Last Call’ Ember Isle Zone Events

Posted by on 11 November 2011

Ember Isle: Zone Events!

Multiple zone events will be popping in Ember Isle this afternoon – this may be your last chance to check out this massive new zone before Update 1.6: From the Embers is released!

Join us on PTS Today, 11/11/11 @ 4:00PM PST (12PM GMT) for a test of these new zone events!

Character Copy to PTS!

You can now copy your character to the Public Test Shard! Simply click the Transfer button when you’re at Character select on the Live client and select “Copy to PTS” – it’s as easy as that! (though there may be a few bugs/limitations we’re working out). We will no longer be offering Gear/Leveling vendors with the introduction of this feature (except when testing requires it.)

You will need to download the PTS client if you have not done so already, this is approximately the same size as installing the full game and may take some time. For more information about PTS and how to access it please see:

Welcome to the Public Test Shard! – Getting Started

Have fun!

Developer Diary: Ember Isle — Video

Posted by on 7 November 2011

Watch and learn how Trion developed Ember Isle, the dragon-cult-infested former home of the Kelari people and zone for level-50 Ascended.

PTS Event Today, 11/7 @ 4PM PDT – Black Garden Alt Mode: Stockpile

Posted by on 7 November 2011

As if Ember Isle & Instant Adventure weren’t enough – we’re preparing a brand new Alternate Warfront Mode, Black Garden: Stockpile!

Join us on PTS Today, 11/7 @ 4:00PM PDT (12PM GMT) for a test of this new gameplay mode for Black Garden!

Talk of Telara #12

Posted by on 2 November 2011
Categories: Community News.

Talk of Telara!

Welcome to the the twelfth edition of Talk of Telara, our bi-weekly community newsletter that highlights fan art, fan fiction, videos, and guides created by you, the Rift community!

This edition of Talk of Telara is brought to you by the letter B, for Boo!