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Walking through REX & Gifting in RIFT Free-to-Play

Posted by on 28 May 2013

Welcome to another week in the RIFT Free to Play info extravaganza! We’re diving deeper into REX and Gifting, two features coming with the introduction of Free to Play in Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault.

Introducing RIFT Free-to-Play

Posted by on 14 May 2013

Greetings, Ascended!

The RIFT team prides itself on listening to our players and taking feedback seriously, and many great features have been added to RIFT due to this relationship. Some of those changes have been dramatic, others more subtle.

RIFT: One Year Later

Posted by on 3 February 2012

Hello, Ascended!

What an amazing year it has been. As we approach RIFT’s first full birthday, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the things that have happened since launch and discuss the thinking that will shape the year to come.

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know that we think about MMOs a little bit differently than everyone else.  To us, everything is about the quality of the service, the speed of meaningful updates, and the relationship that combination creates with you.  We never forget that you are the reason we do everything we do.

Update 1.5: Ashes of History Arrives Tomorrow, 9/28!

Posted by on 27 September 2011


Now the time has come for players to begin a fresh chapter in their Rift journey as new, sinister threats begin to emerge. Update 1.5: Ashes of History kicks off the game’s next evolution with a host of new features and additional content, including post level-50 advancement, duo dungeons, a new Warfront, and much more – see for yourself as Ashes of History arrives in North America tomorrow, 9/28 (9/29 in Europe)!

Let the Celebration Begin – Subscriber Bonuses Extended!

Posted by on 25 August 2011

It’s time to party!

From August 25 to September 6th, subscribers receive amazing in-game bonuses—for both PvP and PvE—and a special gift, while new and returning Ascended can play for free with access to all levels and zones (free game time ends 8/31). Contests and prizes await as we commemorate six months in Telara.

UPDATE 8/30: We know many of you have been weathering out the storm on the east coast – so we’re keeping the subscriber bonuses turned on an extra week, you now have until September 6th to enjoy all the bonuses to XP, Guild XP, Favor, Prestige, Planarite, and dugeon & raid currencies. Have fun!