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Stare into the Abyss – Update 1.3 Arrives Tomorrow!

Posted by on 21 June 2011
Categories: Game Updates.

We’ve talked about it. You’ve heard about it. At last…Update 1.3 – “Waves of Madness” crashes upon our shores!

Tomorrow morning following the update at 8:00AM PDT (1:00AM BST on 6/23 for EU) the race for Telara’s future will begin. The forces of Water and Death seek to drown all hope and extinguish the flame of life.

Should the Ward fall and Akylios, mad lord of the deep, escape his prison all will be consumed in the coming torrent of destruction.

It falls to you, Ascended, to bold yourselves and stand headstrong in the face of the coming tide. The hope of all rests on you – what story will history tell?

Fortunately – we’ve not left you unprepared, here’re some helpful resources to begin your adventure in the next epic saga of RIFT:

The Official 1.3 – “Waves of Madness” Update Page
What you have to look forward to:

NEW - Step-by-step Character/Guild Transfer Guide
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